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A Super Fun Family Card Game with Crazy Questions and Silly Answers!

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Kids Create Absurdity

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  • The main concept of Kids Create Absurdity is to give families, like ours, a game they can play together, from the ages of seven to ninety-nine.  Where everyone can let loose, dance and have fun, but more importantly where they can interact with each other in a world where technology is changing how families socialize. Kids Create Absurdity enables confidence building through storytelling, creative thinking and performance it will reintroduce the bond between families.  It is a game that will build self esteem and social skills for all generations.

  • When you play our family game you will engage in full family interaction while Dancing, Singing, Making A Fart Sound, Telling a Funny Story, Making Silly Faces and most of all having lots of fun!!!!
  • Includes-Total of 465 Casino Quality Cards-350 Question Cards-95 Answer Cards-10 Random Task Cards-10 Blank Cards.

  • Kids Describe The Game As-Gross-Funny-Wacky-Weird and they will Laugh Out Loud While they play.

  • Family Fun-Our kids card game was inspired by Cards Against Humanity and we felt there was a need for a clean family version that the entire Family could play together or while the Adults play CAH the kids can play Kids Create Absurdity.